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From the pull-down menu, choose to buy a single 4 oz bottle, 2 bottles, or 12 bottles... Or for the best price per oz, buy the 5 lb pail of Cimexa!

This is one of the top choices of professionals when battling bed bugs.  Cimexa has a broad label! Do it yourself and save over 90%!!!
CimeXa is 100% Silica Dust which is odorless and doesn't stain. 

4 ounces of Cimexa Dust comes inside of a larger bottle.  This allows you to use the bottle as a puffer.  It appears to be only 1/4 full, but this is normal.

CimeXa™ Insecticide Dust is the premier industry-leading insecticide for control of bedbugs and many other pests. Its engineered silica composition achieves rapid control while remaining viable for up to ten years when undisturbed.

  • For control of bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches, ants, firebrats, silverfish, spiders, mites and drywood termites
  • Kills bed bug adults, nymphs and nymphs hatched from dusted eggs – including pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • The preferred treatment for brown recluse, yellow sac, hobo and other persistent spiders indoors
  • Labeled for treating cracks, crevices, voids, mattresses, carpets, pet rest areas, attics, and many other areas
  • Odorless, non-staining desiccant structure will not absorb water vapor except in very high humidity conditions, preventing clumping and maintaining its active ability once applied
  • Easy to apply - can be used as a dust or mixed with water and sprayed
  • Low toxicity, engineered silica base exhibits exceptional absorption of water (in liquid form) and oil, which destroys the waxy cuticle of insects, resulting in rapid dehydration and death
  • Much better consistency and over three times faster compared to diatomaceous earth
  • Remains viable for up to 10 years when undisturbed
  • Should not be used in damp areas.
Always read and follow label directions before applying any product.

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