EverGreen Pyrethrum Concentrate

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Pros: Evergreen is an OMRI-Listed Organic pest control spray concentrate.  It can be used in and around homes, businesses, food-packing, etc.  Provides a great knock-down and the natural pyrethrin (extract from chrysanthemums) breaks down almost immediately to leave no residual.
Cons: "Leaves no residual" also means you may need to reapply frequently.
Expert Overview: This is a great choice when looking for a "green" or "organic" option for a pest control concentrate.  This mixes and sprays much more similar to traditional insecticides.  Most other "botanical" sprays have issues with settling out and high odor.  This does have a "pyrethrin smell", but is much less offensive than other botanical sprays such as garlic, mint, cedar, geranium, etc.


From the pull-down menu at the right of the main picture, you can select to buy just 1 bottle, or choose 2 or 6 bottles to receive a discounted price . . . . . or for complete organic pest control choose one of the Evergreen Kits. 

The Small Evergreen Kit comes with one 16oz bottle of Evergreen concentrate (certified organic), one 10oz bottle of Evergreen Dust, and a profession hand duster.

The Large Evergreen Kit comes with two 16oz bottles of Evergreen concentrate (certified organic), two 10oz bottles of Evergreen Dust, and a professional hand duster.

These products are both labeled for multiple uses around the home and in the garden.  These are the most effective green products available with broad-spectrum insect control and a quick-knock down.  Both products degrade in sunlight so you will not have to worry about pesticide residuals on your vegetables or around your home.

Evergreen Details:

EverGreen Pyrethrum Concentrate is a broad spectrum insecticide that can be used in OMRI certified organic production.

  • Degrades in sunlight, leaving no residue
  • Delivers fast, effective control of insects including Ants, Cockroaches, and Stored Product Pests
  • Contains unsynthesized pure pyrethrum – a Botanical Insecticide derived from a chrysanthemum flower
  • Food and Non-Food Areas of Food Handling & Processing facilities
  • OMRI Certified for organic use 

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