Equipment Add-on

You are almost Done!!

Now that you have your Preventative Pest Control Subscription picked out, it is time to select any 1-time purchases you might need.  

Do you already have a 1-gallon sprayer and a broom handle (for the cobweb duster) that you can use? If not, you can add one by selecting equipment above.

Also, your Preventative Pest Control Subscription will keep over 36 of the most common insect pests away, and control minor/moderate infestations of the more stuborn pests.  However, sometimes you may need a one-time purchase for a specific pest.  Certain pests (like German roaches, termites, bed bugs, some types of ants, or rodents) need specialized treatments.

These add-on kits are 1-time purchases and not billed monthly like your subscription service.  

Need some help deciding what you need? We are here to help. Email us at and we will get you the best solution for your home

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