Thuricide (Dipel) Bt Garden Insecticide - Certified Organic - OMRI approved

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$ 10.95

From the pull down menu choose an 8oz bottle, a Pint bottle (16oz), 2 Pint bottles (32oz), a gallon jug (128oz), a case (4 gallon jugs) or . . . . . . . . . . for complete control choose the Thuricide / Neem Oil / Liquid Copper Garden Kit. 

The Thuricide /Neem Oil / Liquid Copper Kit comes with one Pint bottle (16oz) of Thuricide, one Pint bottle (16oz) of Neem Oil, and one Pint bottle of Liquid Copper (16oz).  These professional products used together are the top choice of gardeners and professionals wanting natural insect and fungus control.  Together these products prevent a wide range of insects, diseases, and mites in your garden and landscape.

The Large Thuricide /Neem Oil/Copper Kit is the same kit in a larger more economical size. It includes 1 Quart (32oz) each of Thuricide, Neem Oil, and Liquid Copper.

***NEW*** . . . . . We now carry Thuricide in Gallon jugs and case quantities!!


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Thuricide Overview:

Certified for Organic food production (OMRI)


 • Low toxicity to humans and animals

• Used by Organic growers

• Made from a bacteria that is toxic to certain pests

• Same active ingredient as Dipel®

 CONTAINS: Bacillus Thuringiensis in liquid form.

 USE ON:  

Vegetables, citrus, nuts, shrubs,

trees, tobacco, and fl owering plants. 

CONTROLS: Controls lepidoptera larve:

caterpillars and worms. i.e. cabbage looper,

orange dog, tobacco hornworm, imported

cabbageworm and rindworm.

 RATE: 2 - 4 tsp. per gallon.

 APPLICATION: Mix with water, add

spreader-sticker, use as a thorough cover spray. 

or Eco Friendly 

Reduced Risk, Organic


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