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Joe Jonovich
Lead Entomologist
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Pros: No one mouse trap works 100% of the time.  This kit combines the top four traps for catching mice to ensure success.
Cons: None.
How To Use:

Mice do not require water and do not travel more than 30 feet from their food source.  You will may need to place a lot of traps to cover a large room.  Use a variety of food or nesting materials as bait on these traps.  Great options for mice are: Chocolate, peanut granola bars, pretzels, cottonballs, etc are all great options.

Expert Overview:

This kit includes the same products top professionals use.    Be sure to place traps out of the reach of children and pets.  It is OK to bait indoors for mice with the included T-1 stations, because if a mouse dies in a wall,  it does not make a foul odor like a rat would.

For complete exterior perimeter control consider the ePestHero Rodent Perimeter baiting kit.

ePestHero Mouse Control Kit Details:

Mice can be challenging to catch.  They usually do not travel more than 30 feet from their nest location.  The key is to have a lot of traps with no more than 15 feet between them.  We also recommend using a variety of different types of traps.  Professionals have learned that on different jobs it will take different types of traps to get the job done.  The best (and fastest) way to succeed is to use a variety of different traps with a variety of different baits.  Our Entomologist has assembled easy to use kits with the most popular traps all in one kit.

The Mouse Control Kits come in small or large sizes.  For large areas or severe infestations please consider using the Large Mouse Control Kit.

Our ePestHero.com Mouse Control Kits come with the four most popular mouse traps currently used by professionals.  Use a variety of food sources on different traps to find out what food/trap combination works the best.

NOTE:  These traps do not work for rats.  For rats, see our ePestHero Rat Control Kit

Mouse Control Kits are available in large or small sizes:

Small Mouse Control Kit:

  • 4 Multi-Catch Metal Mouse Traps- this is the Catchmaster version of the Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap. This trap is only 1.75 inches tall which allows It to be placed in tight spaces such as under pallets, or flush against a wall or corner. The clear lid allows for easy viewing of your catch!!
  • 4 Catchmaster 72TC glue boards: Non-toxic glue boards that are mess free and easily placed inside the multi-catch mouse trap. Once 1 mouse comes into the trap to investigate it will be trapped, leading to other mice investigating and getting trapped as well.
  • 4 Mini-Rex Mouse Traps: This easy set snap trap is the most up-to-date design and technology. With better trigger sensitivity and more powerful trap velocity (speed) the patented interlocking teeth capture mice with unmatched holding power. The 1 motion set also allows for easy disposal of your catch.
  • 4 T-1 Mouse Bait Stations: a pre-baited disposable bait station, which includes an acute rodenticide containing the active ingredient Bromethalin, which affects the nervous system of the mouse offering effective and complete control.
  • 8x Disposable Nitrile Gloves Safely apply your product while protecting your hands and forearms from unnecessary chemical exposure.

Large Mouse Control Kit:

  • 1 Case of Multi-Catch Metal Mouse Traps: each case contains 12 clear lid metal traps
  • 1 Case of 72TC Glue Boards: each case contains 72 boards.
  • 1 Case of T-1 Mouse Disposable Mice Baiting stations: each case contains 24 pre-baited 1oz. block stations.
  • 1 Case of Trapper Mini-Rex Snap Traps: each case contains 24 snap traps

Target Pests:


Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 

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