ePestHero Rodent Perimeter Baiting Kit

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Joe Jonovich
Lead Entomologist
5 Star Review
Pros: This kit is everything you need to add professional rodent stations around your home.
Cons: None.
Expert Overview:

This kit is best used to prevent future rat and mouse infestations.  Secure the child/pet resistant SideKick Rodent Stations around your home.  Place either the Fastrac Blox bait or the T-Rex Traps inside the stations to control rodents before they find a way inside your home!

PRO TIP:  Be sure to anchor stations securely so children, pets, and wild animals cannot move them.  Professionals typically glue them down to concrete with "Liquid Nails" adhesive.  In areas without a surface to secure them to, you can glue them to a stepping stone to keep them in place.



Small Kit includes:

Large Kit Includes:

Place stations every 50-100 feet.  An average house should have about 4 stations around the perimeter.  You have the option to use either the Fastrac Box or T-Rex snap traps inside these stations.  The T-Rex traps will kill rats immediately but must be checked more often. The Fastrac Blox will take 1-3 days, but you can kill multiple rats and mice at the same time.


Fastrac Blox Details:

This is the FASTEST WORKING rodent bait used by professionals.  While other baits take a week to work, Fastrac kills rats and mice in only 1-2 days after they eat the bait.   

  •  Pro Tip: Fastrac is 10 to 50 times LESS toxic to other mammals (people and pets) than standard anti-coagulant baits.  However, there is no antidote available.  Always place rodent baits out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Don't let the small size of Fastrac fool you.  Each block is half the size of standard rodent baits but packs a punch.  Half of one of these blocks is enough to kill an average rat!  Per kill, this is the most economical, and effective, bait available.
  • Kills rats and mice in one or two days, often within 24 hours! FASTRAC BLOX with the active ingredient, Bromethalin, is Bell's fastest-acting rodenticide formulation. An acute bait, FASTRAC gets unsurpassed rodent acceptance and control.

  • More rats and mice can be controlled with less bait because rodents stop feeding after eating a lethal dose (this means they leave bait for other rodents). Technicians save money and time with FASTRAC BLOX. With other baits, rodents eat up to 40 times a lethal dose (costing you more money and time!)

  • Great bait for "clean-outs" to get a quick reduction in large populations of Norway rats, Roof rats, and mice.

  • Bell scientists developed a method of synthesizing Bromethalin that removes by-products and impurities, yielding the purest, most consistent Bromethalin available. This powerful active ingredient, in combination with Bell's highly palatable formulation, gets dramatic results in rodent acceptance and control.

  • The BLOX's multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw and BLOX are made with food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin for a highly palatable bait. In fact, BLOX are the bait of choice in the pest control industry. Bell's patented All-Weather BLOX work well in any condition -- wet or dry, indoors or out. They're manufactured from Bell's unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a paraffinized bait.

  • The 15g FASTRAC BLOX has a hole in the center which lets technicians place it on bait securing rods in bait stations, or nail or wire it in place. FASTRAC is colored emerald green for easy identification.

 Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

Not approved for use in: AK

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