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Advance Termite Bait Station (TBS) Professional Kit Product Details:

Advance Termite Bait Station Professional Kit comes with 2 cases of Advance Bait Stations (20 TBS), 1 Spider Station Access Tool, 1 Bait Station Installation Auger Bit, and 4 Trelona Termite Bait Cartridges (TBC). This is everything you need for an average size home treatment.

Advance Termite Bait Stations (TBS) Details:

The Advance® Termite Bait System (ATBS) consists of several unique components that work together to create a localized point of termite colonization and control. The foundation of the system is the Advance Termite Bait Station (TBS) that consists of an in-ground housing secured with a Quik-Lock® cap.

Inside the station are the Advance Termite Monitoring Base (TMB) and the Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) with Puri-Cell® monitoring tablets.

The TMB is milled from selected tree species favored by termites. Once installed within the bait station, the TMB creates significant wood-to-soil contact, a very conducive condition for termites. As termites move into and feed on the TMB, they readily forage upward into the TIC and locate the Puri-Cell monitoring tablets.

The Puri-Cell monitoring tablets are formulated by compressing a highly purified cellulose food source that is preferred by termites. This compels the termites to aggressively infest the station and exploit the Puri-Cell food source.

Once termites are detected in the TMB and/or the TIC, the TIC is removed and an Advance Termite Bait Cartridge (TBC) is installed. This begins the termite baiting process and the start of termite colony elimination.

Advance Termite Bait Station Installation:

Advance Termite Stations are installed every 10-20 feet around the perimeter of the structure.  The manufacturer (BASF) recommends they be placed every 10 feet.  Additional stations can be placed in areas of current termite activity or in areas where conducive conditions exist (i.e., wood-to-soil contact).

To create the required opening within the soil several options are available. A 2 3/4 inch diameter hand trowel can be used to efficiently create the necessary openings, or, an electric or gas-powered auger using a 2 1/2 inch diameter auger bit is recommended.  The auger bit is included in the Advance Termite Bait Station Professional Kit. 

Stations are inserted into the cavity within the ground and pushed down until the collar of the station rests on the soil.  If the station collar does not rest on the soil surface it may be necessary to step on the station to finish inserting it into the soil.  Advance Termite Bait Stations are constructed of durable high impact plastic that can withstand several pounds of direct force.

Advance Termite Bait Station Inspection and Termite Treatment:

Monitor stations every 90 days for evidence of termite activity.  If termite activity is found, simply replace the Advance TIC (Termite Inspection Cartridge) with the Trelona Bait Cartridge.  The active ingredient in Trelona is novaluron, which impairs the termite’s ability to molt.  By being unable to molt they cannot replace their exoskeleton causing their demise.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this treatment.  We have an entomologist on staff with over 20 years of pest management experience to answer any questions you may have.

Replacement Items available:

Targeted Pests:

Subterranean Termites

Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 

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