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Pros: Contains three different Bayer Maxforce roach baits allowing you to rotate baits just like University Entomologists recommend.  If the roaches are "resistant" or "averse" to one of the baits, the others will get them.  All baits in this kit are made by Bayer, a name you can trust.
Cons: None
Expert Overview: This is just like the bait rotations that I develop for professional pest control companies who want to increase their success when fighting German roaches.  Plus, this kit includes the non-toxic monitors so you know right away if the roaches start to come back.



University experts recommend a rotation of at least 3 different baits to control German Roaches.  This increases your chances of success because sometimes the roaches do not like the flavor of a particular bait (bait aversion) or the roaches eat the bait but do not die (resistance).  This kit includes three of the top baits made by Bayer.

For best results, treat 3-7 days apart and switch between baits each treatment.  We include a sheet on "Roach Baiting Tips" with every purchase to help you be successful.


Bayer recommends their top three baits to fight resistance and aversion: Maxforce Impact, Maxforce FC Magnum, and Maxforce FC Select.   By using these three baits in a rotation you get two different active ingredients (fights resistance) and three different attractants (fights aversion).  You get faster knockdown and more complete control.  We also include Model 288i Insect Monitors in these kits to help detect future infestations early. 

You get the same results that the professionals do.  Plus, you can save over 90% of your money by doing it yourself!!

 Kits are available in Small and Large sizes. 

The Small Kit comes with 1 tube each of Maxforce Impact, Maxforce FC Magnum, Maxforce FC Select, and 6 non-toxic insect monitors. We also include 1 reusable plunger, 3 applicator tips, and a "roach baiting tip sheet" to help you be successful.

The Large Kit comes with 4 tubes of Maxforce Impact, 4 tubes of Maxforce FC Magnum, and 4 tubes of Maxforce FC Select and 15 non-toxic insect monitors.We also include 3 reusable plungers, 12 applicator tips, and a "roach baiting tip sheet" to help you be successful.


Always read and follow label directions when using any product.


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