612 Multi-Catch (612MC) Mouse Trap and Kit

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Pros: Most common mousetrap used in commercial facilities.  These are used to monitor for new infestations in addition to taking care of mice you already have.  May be used with or without glue boards.
Cons: Only works on mice, rats cannot fit inside.
Expert Overview:

PRO TIP: Professionals commonly place these traps indoors on each side of entry doors to catch mice entering the structure. These traps are also excellent for sensitive areas where rodenticides and/or snap traps are not appropriate. To increase the effectiveness of the trap, place them 10-15 feet apart along the wall. Mice only travel 15-25 feet from their nest location.

These traps can be used with or without a glue-board. If you use it without a glue board, the mice are unharmed and may be released outside. If you prefer glue boards inside the trap, these traps help make the glue boards child and pet-resistant so you catch only the mice. We recommend the 72TC glue boards. They are designed to fit perfectly. You can also use 72MB glue boards, but they need to be torn along a perforation and folded slightly.

From the pull-down menu you can select to buy 1 metal Multi-Catch Mouse Trap or for a discounted price buy a case... or for complete control choose our Multi-Catch Mouse Control Kit (see details below).

Catchmaster Multi-Catch Mouse Trap Details

This is the Catchmaster version of the Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap, but at a lower price point. This mouse trap is only 1.75 inches tall which allows it to be placed in tight spaces such as under pallets and has a clear plastic lid so you can view your catch!

Mice are very curious little creatures. You simply place this trap along a baseboard on in a corner and they will go inside to inspect the new fixture in their environment. Once you catch one mouse, other mice will come to investigate and they will be trapped too!

The Multi-Catch Mouse Control Kit contains:

  • 4 Multi-Catch Metal Mouse Traps - $39.95 value
  • 4 Catchmaster 72TC glue boards - $9.95 value
  • 4 Mini T-Rex Mouse Traps - $12.95 value
  • 4 T1 Mouse Bait Stations – $13.29 value

PRO TIP: This kit contains everything the professionals use to tackle tough mice infestations. It contains a combination of baits, glue boards, and snap-traps. A combination of different control methods, such as in this kit, is preferred by professionals. If the mice avoid one kind of trap the others will get them!! 

Always place traps, rodent baits, and glue boards out of reach of children and pets. Always read and follow label instructions.

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