Catchmaster 288i Insect and Spider Trap & Monitors

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Catchmaster Insect Trap and Monitors - No chemicals or Pesticide and no mess.  These are easy to use and very economical.  You choose how many you need, the price per unit gets better the more you buy.  There are 72 boards per case (separates into 216 small monitors)

Each board can be folded into a triangle to be used as 1 large trap/monitor, or separated along perforations into 3 smaller insect monitors.  Most professionals prefer to separate them into three smaller traps and place the smaller traps in more areas instead of just a few large traps.

Use 1 trap per room, or 1 trap per 100 square feet in food storage areas such as cabinets store rooms, etc. To use, simply peel protective paper off of sticky surface. Each sheet of (3) traps can be used as 1 large trap, 1 small and 1 medium size trap, or 3 small traps. Place traps into areas where insects hide such as under furniture, equipment, beds, desks, trash compactors, behind refrigerators, etc. For cabinets, remove adhesive and place traps on flat surface or hang upside down, sideways, ect...

Great for Cockroaches, spiders, crickets, silverfish, scorpions, moths, flies, gnats, and most crawling insects.

Also if you catch a few insects on the glue board these will attract some of your hunting spiders while they are trying to get off the glue board, they become spider bait.

Side window allows for easy inspection and also provides alternate access for insects. CatchMaster 288i (Spider & Insect Trap), comes pre-baited with irresistible attractants such as molasses and vanilla scents. These attractants,  can help lure insects like roaches.

We recommend checking the monitors weekly and replace after 30 days. 

 Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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