Citrus & Tropical Fruit Chelated Nutritional Spray - Citrus, Mango, Avacado, etc

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Choose  a Pint bottle (16oz), 2 Pint bottles (2 x 16oz), a Gallon jug (128oz), 2 Gallon jugs (2 x 128) or . . . . . . . . . . for complete control choose the Citrus and Tropical Fruit Kit. 

The Citrus and Tropical Fruit Kit comes with a One Gallon Jug (128oz) of Citrus and Tropical Fruit Nutritional Spray, One Pint bottle (16oz) of Liquid Copper Fungicide, and One Pint bottle (16oz) of Neem Oil Insecticide/Fungicide.   Neem Oil and Liquid Copper used together are the top choice of gardeners and professionals wanting natural insect and fungus control.  Together these products prevent a wide range of insects, diseases, and mites on your trees, in your garden, or in your landscape.


Citrus and Tropical Fruit Nutritional Spray Overview


• Corrects & prevents deficiencies that cause yellowing

• Contains 5 balanced essential nutrients including zinc

• For use of all ornamentals and fruits trees

CONTAINS: Iron 1.2%, Zinc 1.7%, Manganese 1.2%, Magnesium 1.0% and Sulfur 4.1%.

USE ON: Citrus, avocados, mangos and other tropical fruits.

CONTROLS: Most common minor element deficiencies.

RATE: 1-2 tbs. per gallon of spray.

APPLICATION: In Winter for normal preventative spray. Apply as a thorough cover spray to run off.




Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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