Fly Web Glue Boards

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by FlyWeb
$ 19.99

From the pull-down menu, you can choose to buy just one pack of 10 cards or buy 4 or 10 packs for a discounted price!!!!

You may also choose the Glue Board Kit!!!!

FlyWeb Glue Card Details:

Flyweb Glue Card Refills - 10 Pack
Flyweb: Replacement Glue Card Refills for your Fly Web Fly Light Trap.
FlyWeb: Fly Lights are also available in our store and are great, easy to use insect light traps.
Glue Board Kit: 1 pack of 10 boards and 1 light bulb.
Size: 3 in x 5 in.

Always read and understand label directions when using any product.

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