Hyperion Mosquito Control Misting Insecticide

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by MGK
$ 84.89


Hyperion Details:

Hyperion Advanced Mist Concentrate is the latest innovation in mosquito control technology for the residential misting application. Engineered for use in misting systems, Hyperion utilizes a proprietary MGK formulation that allows stable dilution in water and is effective at very low mix rates while delivering kill and proven three-day residual activity against mosquitoes.  You can set you mist system to run less often to save money plus have better results.

Only 32 ounces is needed to fill a 55 gallons tank on an automatic mist system. 

  • New active ingredient for the misting market
  • Kills through contact with the three-day residual activity
  • Water-based formula is stable in solution
  • Effective results using a less active ingredient

Method of Application:

  • Automatic misting systems
  • Outdoor surface application
    • Backpack Blowers
    • Backpack Sprayers
    • Handheld Sprayers
  • Indoor application in horse barns

      Hyperion is not approved for use in NY

      Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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