Ketch-All Humane Live Multi Catch Mouse Trap with Clear Lid

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Pros: This is a humane live trap that catches multiple mice at a time.  When a mouse steps inside and touches the trigger, a paddle-wheel turns and pushes it into a holding area.  The traps are easily opened to be emptied.
Cons: Only works for mice it is too small to catch rats.
Expert Overview: These are great traps to add to your mouse control efforts.  Mice are naturally curious (unlike rats) and will enter the trap to investigate.  Once trapped inside, the commotion will attract other mice who will also be trapped when they enter the trap to investigate.

From the pull-down menu, you can select to 1 Ketch-All Mouse Trap, or buy 6 for a discounted price

Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mouse Trap needs no bait and catches multiple mice in one setting.  To set the trap, simply wind the trap 4 to 6 full turns.  Place the trap 1.5" to 2" from and parallel to the wall with either entrance hole facing the wall.  To empty the trap of the mice you have caught, slide back the top lid, pull up the end plate, and release the mice.  The clear lid makes it easy to know when you need to release the mice.  This trap is made of galvanized steel and will last through many years.

These traps should be placed along the walls at 15 to 40 feet, depending on the infestation level.

Always place traps out of reach of children and pets.

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