Trapper Mouse Kit - Contains Mini-Rex Snap Traps and Trapper Glue Boards

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Pros: This kit contains the Mini-Rex Snap Traps and Trapper Glueboards, the two best products used by professionals to trap mice.  The Mini-Rex are easy to use traps.  You squeeze from behind like a clothes-pin to set.  No more snapping your fingers!!  The Trapper Glueboards work well for mice and juvenile rats.
Cons: None
Expert Overview:

These are the most sensitive mouse traps on the market.  Plus, easy to set, even when you are on a ladder or in a tight space. 
PRO TIP:  Most people do not place enough traps.  For mice, you want traps every 15 feet!  That usually means at least 24 traps.  Also use at least 4 different types of bait (that would be 3 traps of each type of bait).  Try to include a fruit, a protein, a lipid, and a grain (i.e. dried apricots, slim-jim, peanut butter, and an energy bar) as bait choices. This way if the mice don't like one type of bait, they will eat the other types.

These kits are for MICE.  For rats use the Rat Kits that contain larger traps designed for rats.

Also, don't forget to use Xcluder fill material to seal up openings so no more rats get inside in the future.


From the pull-down menu you can select to buy a Small, Medium, or Large Trapper Mouse Kits. 

Trapper brand traps and glue boards are the best available.  These are the professionals first choice.  These are all Easy Set (EZ Set) traps, that means you can set them with one hand from the back side and not get your fingers snapped by accident. 

The Mini-Rex Mouse Trap is a smaller version (~ 2"x 4") of the T-Rex trap especially for mice.  Their smaller size is better for catching the smaller, faster, and lighter mice. The dead mice can be removed without touching them by squeezing the back of the trap. The traps are durable and reusable (if you so choose).   

The Trapper Glueboards are the best glue boards on the market.  They catch both rats and mice.  Each pack comes with two glueboards inside.   

The Mouse Kits comes with a combination of smaller Mini-Rex traps and glueboards. 

Choose from a

  • Small Trapper Mouse Kit - Contains 4 Mini Rex Snap Traps and 4 Trapper Glueboards),
  • Medium Trapper Mouse Kit - Contains 8 Mini-Rex Snap Traps and 8 Trapper Glueboards
  • Large Trapper Mouse Kit - Contains 24 Mini-Rex Snap Traps and 24 Trapper glueboards). 

 These are the top product mixes that professionals use.  Use the above kits to treat like the professionals do and save over 90% of your money!! 


Mini-Rex Details:

Extra Strength Mouse Snap Trap

A smaller, mouse-size version of the powerful T-Rex Rat Trap, TRAPPER Mini-Rex embodies the most up-to-date snap trap design and technology. With better trigger sensitivity and more powerful trap velocity (speed), TRAPPER Mini-Rex's patented interlocking teeth capture mice with unmatched holding power.

TRAPPER Mini-Rex sets in one motion, like TRAPPER T-Rex. The same motion provides "no-touch" disposal of the captured mouse. The trap's built-in bait cup holds a dab bait to entice mice to the trap. The cup can be removed safely and easily for servicing. Position traps along walls or wherever mice travel.

You can place 2 of these mouse traps in most bait stations for additional protection against tampering and discretion. 

PROFESSIONAL'S TIP: The more traps you place at once, the faster you will catch all the mice.  Often there are 5-12 mice living together.  Most professionals will place about 24 traps in an average size home/attic.  They will use a variety of baits on different traps such as dried fruits, nuts, slim jims, peanut butter, or whatever the mice have been eating (for example, if the mouse ate a banana off the counter try baiting with banana).  Also try baiting with nesting material, such as a cotton ball or a small piece of yarn. 

Always place traps and glueboards out of reach of children and pets.

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