Palmetto Bug Roach Control Kits

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Palmetto Bug Roach Control Kits

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"Palmetto Bugs" are large roaches that live in the sewers or outside around the perimeter of your home.  They are also called "Peridomestic roaches".  Species include: American roaches, Australian roaches, Oriental roaches, and Smokey-Brown Roaches.  Typically these roaches don't breed indoors.  However, for every one you kill there are thousands more trying to sneak inside. 

For best results, seal all entry areas such as gaps around doors and windows.  Make sure there are no broken plumbing lines (or empty dry drains) that allow entry.  Next, treat with a granular scatter bait 5-10 feet out around the perimeter of your home to kill palmetto bugs before they get inside.  Use a gel bait indoors for any that do manage to make it inside. 

We include a sheet on "Roach Baiting Tips" with every purchase to help you be successful.

 This kit includes the best scatter bait, Maxforce Complete.  This is the most palatable bait for roaches, ants, and other insects available.

This kit also includes Maxforce Impact roach gel bait.  This is the newest roach gel bait available.  It kills roaches (including palmetto bugs) within hours!

Together, you get faster knockdown and more complete control.  You get the same results that the professionals do.  Plus, you can save over 90% of your money by doing it yourself!!

 Kits are available in Small and Large sizes. 

The Small Kit comes with 1 tube of Maxforce Impact, and one 8oz bottle of Maxforce Complete. 

The Large Kit comes with 4 tubes of Maxforce Impact, and one 4 pound jug of Maxforce Complete. 

Each kit also comes with one or more Free plungers and tips so you have everything you need!!


Always read and follow label directions when using any product.


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