Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator

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Rat Sorb Details Mfg Part No 618642:
Rat Sorb is used by many professional pest control companies to quickly eliminate the odors caused by dead rodents.  Rat Sorb is a custom blend and proprietary blend of oils that are specifically designed to blend with and mask the odors caused by decaying animals. 
• Easy to use and economical
• To use, liberally moisten cotton balls with Rat Sorb and place as close to the source of the odor as possible.  For particularly obnoxious odors, several Rat Sorb soaked cotton balls may be necessary.
• Rat Sorb cotton balls may be placed inside walls through electrical switch plates, plumbing accesses, or by making your own small hole. 
• For best results, remove the carcass if at all possible.
• Rat Sorb can be diluted with water and sprayed on concrete and other surfaces that will not stain… always test a small area first.
• Works on skunk and other obnoxious odors too.
• Convenient package size – 1 oz bottles
Target Pests:
Obnoxious Odors from dead rodents, animal urine and feces, and other unwanted odors
Always read and follow label directions when using any product. 
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