Sector Mosquito Concentrate

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Sector Details:

One 64 oz container can fill a 55 gallon mosquito misting reservoir one time.

Sector contains permethrin, a synthetic version of pyrethrin (Riptide).  It offers similar results with a 40% cost savings!!


Sector® Misting Concentrate is a new water-based insecticide designed for misting systems. Sector provides knockdown, kill and residual control of the toughest flying insect problems, including mosquitoes, flies and other nuisance insects.

  • Sector’s water-based polymeric surfactant system is stable in solution and will not harm most common ornamental plants
  • Sector is ideal for high mosquito populations or hard to kill insects such as gnats, biting midges and no-see-ums
  • Sector’s unique formula combines Permethrin with the synergist PBO for a higher level of performance

Method of Application:

Automatic misting systems

• Outdoor surface application

    • Backpack blowers
    • Backpack sprayers
  • Handheld sprayers



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