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From the pull-down menu at the right of the main picture you can select to buy just 1 bottle, or choose 2 or 4 bottles . . . . . or for complete mosquito control choose the Sector Mosquito Kit. 

The Sector Mosquito Kit comes with one half-gallon bottle of Sector and one 140ml bottle of Nyguard IGR.  Nyguard is the top Insect Growth Regulator (IGR).  Nyguard IGR is labeled for treating standing water!!  Use the Nyguard IGR to spray any standing water (gutters, ditches, tree holes, etc.) and mosquito resting areas (shrubs, soffits, etc.).  Nyguard IGR is  a Reduced-Risk insecticide that will sterilize mosquitoes within seconds and stop them from breeding on your property.  Nyguard IGR is not labeled for adding directly to automatic mist systems, so it should be applied separately.  However, it can be mixed with Sector in mist blowers, backpack, and other types of sprayers.

NEW!!!!! Sector is now available in cheaper 1 gallon jugs!! (2 fills per jug)

Sector Details:

One 64 oz container can fill a 55 gallon mosquito misting reservoir one time.

Sector contains permethrin, a synthetic version of pyrethrin (Riptide).  It offers similar results with a 40% cost savings!!


Sector® Misting Concentrate is a new water-based insecticide designed for misting systems. Sector provides knockdown, kill and residual control of the toughest flying insect problems, including mosquitoes, flies and other nuisance insects.

  • Sector’s water-based polymeric surfactant system is stable in solution and will not harm most common ornamental plants
  • Sector is ideal for high mosquito populations or hard to kill insects such as gnats, biting midges and no-see-ums
  • Sector’s unique formula combines Permethrin with the synergist PBO for a higher level of performance

Method of Application:

Automatic misting systems

• Outdoor surface application

    • Backpack blowers
    • Backpack sprayers
  • Handheld sprayers



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