Onslaught FastCap Spider Control Kit

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by MGK
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This kit includes the most popular products that professionals use when treating spiders around your home.  Our professional team is more than happy to help you select products to treat specific issues, just contact us at sales@epesthero.com


Kit comes with:

  • one 10' extendable pole-duster 

  • one replaceable duster head

  • one pint (16oz) bottle of Onslaught Fastcap

Use the duster head to remove spider webs from soffits, eaves, and landscape areas around your home.  The extendable duster pole extends up to 10 feet in length and collapses down to 4 feet for easy storage.

To kill existing spiders and to help prevent future infestations, spray the Onslaught FastCap in areas prone to spiders (soffits, eaves, etc.).


Use this kits to get the same results that the professionals do.  Plus, you can save over 90% of your money by doing it yourself!!

 Always read and follow label directions when using any product.


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