Talstar PL Granular Insecticide - 25 Pound Bag

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Pros: Easy to apply granular formulation.   Works as a contact kill and also as a residual insecticide on a broad range of insects.  Use as a perimeter treatment to keep pests out of your home or treat your entire yard for common yard pests.  This is the most commonly used insecticide by lawn pest control professionals.
Cons: Not as good as baits or non-repellent sprays for some pests species like ants.  (Try Invict Xpress bait or Alpine WSG spray concentrate).
Does not have "systemic activity" (absorbs into the plant) like other products so this doesn't last as long as other turf and ornamental insecticides such as Dominion 2L.
Expert Overview:

This is by far one of the most popular products used by professional lawn and ornamental pest control operators.  It offers broad-spectrum control of dozens of pests.  However, while it works decently on a wide range of pests, it isn't the best for many specific problems like ants.  For best results, use Talstar PL as a preventative and then treat any specific issues as needed.


Talstar PL (Permiter and Lawn) Granular Insecticide Details:

  • Broad Spectrum Insecticide that is effective against many species insects including imported fire ants and outdoor roaches and mole crickets
  • 25 Pound Bag Packaging
  • Active Ingredient Bifenthrin .20%
  • One application of Talstar PL Granular Insecticide protects your lawn for 2-3 months

Talstar PL (Permiter and Lawn) Granular Insecticide is a sand-core granular formulation that’s ideal for long-lasting, broad-spectrum perimeter control of ants, crane flies, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, and scorpions. Talstar® PL granular insecticide is proven to eliminate dangerous fire ant invaders within 24 hours, helping to keep your customers happy by making their lawns safer. Talstar PL granular insecticide features a sand core granular structure that penetrates mulch with no odor and no watering needed. This unique granule is heavy and virtually dust-free, so it won’t drift off target or wash away with irrigation or rainfall.

With its impressive residual and low application rates make Talstar PL an excellent, cost-effective choice for building and foundation perimeters.

Talstar PL can be used as a perimeter barrier 5-10 feet around your home, or it can be generally broadcast throughout the yard. 

Pests controlled:

Ants (including fire ants), Fleas, Ticks, Crickets, Centipedes, Spiders, etc.

Please see product label for a full list of pests controlled and application methods.

Talstar PL Label

Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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