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Termidor Dry Starter Kit Details:

Termidor DRY is a method of treating drywood and subterranean termites in virtually any wood, almost anywhere!  To treat with this method you need to have the Termidor DRY Applicator and a 5 gram vial of Termidor DRY termiticide.  These are each sold separately from the manufacturer, but we have put them together to make sure you have everything you need to treat.

Our Termidor DRY Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 Termidor DRY Applicator in a professional zippered case
  • 1 x 5 gram vial of Termidor DRY termiticide. One 5 gram vial of Termidor DRY termiticide is enough for 150 compressions of the applicator.  This is enough for 2-3 homes depending on the level of infestation. 

These items are each sold individually as well:

If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have an entomologist on staff to walk you through the treatment. 

  • Termidor DRY is a unique formulation that combines the industry leader Termidor with a bait matrix Microllose. Microllose is BASF’s purified microcrystalline cellulose matrix that is extremely appetizing (more so than wood itself) termite food.  It contains an impressive rate of 0.5% of fipronil.
  • Termidor DRY system allows for precision application into termite galleries virtually anywhere they are found, including wood, carton nests, or shelter tubes
  • Kills drywood and subterranean termites and is transferred to other termites ultimately destroying the colony
  • Termidor DRY does not add moisture into wood that may already be compromised by a termite infestation
  • Termidor DRY brings Termidor’s unparalleled nonrepellent, undetectable technology to treatment locations Termidor has never been before.
  • Termidor Dry allows for “off structure” treatment sites including trees, utility poles, fencing, decking, railroad trestles, piers, beams, and other structural and landscape timbers
  • Easy to use – the Termidor DRY vials screw into the Termidor DRY Applicator
  • Termidor Dry system is designed for “spot treatments” of active termite infestations.


Pests Controlled:

Subterranean and Drywood Termites

Please see product label for a full list of pests.

Always read and follow label directions when using any product.

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